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Erik Hassle

Date of Interview: 11/02/2009

© 2009 Clayton Perry

Although Erik Hassle hails from the small town of Katrineholm, Sweden, his music has slowly crept into virtually every corner of the globe.  Like ABBA, who rose to fame fifteen years before Hassle’s birth, Erik is determined to cement Sweden’s place on the musical map.

In August 2009, Erik Hassle released his debut album in Sweden under the Roxy Recordings imprint.  And following the success of “Hurtful,” he landed an international recording contract with Island Records and Universal Republic, which will allow him to repackage Hassle in 2010 for international audiences.  The re-release will be entitled Pieces.

Upon review of Pieces, Erik Hassle managed to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule and settle down for an interview with Clayton Perry — reflecting on his mother’s influence, the reason behind Hassle’s title change, and his transition from a drummer into a singer.