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Emilie Autumn

Date of Interview: 11/20/2009

© 2009 Clayton Perry

Emilie Autumn is a classically trained musician, who rose to fame as Courtney Love’s “anarchy violinist.”  In the years that followed, she contributed backing vocals and instrumental support to Billy Corgan (The Future Embrace), Dethklok (The Dethalbum) and Attrition (All Mine Enemys Whisper EP).  Her musical work can be found on the international soundtracks for Saw III and IV as well.

To date, Emilie Autumn has six solo albums to her credit: On a Day… (2000), Enchant (2003), Your Sugar Sits Untouched (2005), Opheliac (2006), Laced/Unlaced (2007), and A Bit O’ This & That (2007).  In October 2009, her third album was repackaged by The End Records as Opheliac: The Deluxe Edition, which coincided with the launch of Emilie Autumn’s first American tour.

Upon review of Opheliac: The Deluxe Edition, Emilie Autumn managed to squeeze some time out of her busy schedule and settle down for an interview with Clayton Perry — reflecting on Nigel Kennedy, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and life as an independent artist.